Yesterday I was reading a book that mentioned something about God. I was a bit disappointed in my local library, this is a family-friendly place, why would you have this on your shelves!? It's like having porno DVDs next to the Hungry Catepillar!! At the very least you could've locked it up somewhere. I sent in a complaint but the library insisted that there was nothing mortally horrifying about the concept of a God, but I wasn't so sure... I mean, a big...entity of some sort in the sky...? Watching and judging our every move? And then if we make a mistake our "souls" are forever "damned"? NOT KID FRIENDLY!

Well, God's everywhere, in every form. It's not that scary when you know they love you.

You're crazy.

Hey guys, talking about God, guess who just bought a tiny human at the local meat market?



It's like, a little man that I made myself without getting pregnant. It's pretty cool. What should I name him? I'm thinking something like Booblo.

Wow, shock humor, soooo not funny.

That sounds a bit like human trafficking but more complicated.. 0_0

It sorta is, but without the whole pedophillia, rape, abuse and complete abandon of human rights part. It's more like adoption!

Did you just imply that human trafficking and adoption are similar?

I dunno, I think that making a human unnaturally is against God... I mean, you're basically acting like God by making a human unlike the way it was meant to be... You should get rid of it before something bad happens...

Guys look, he's puking on my floor!

He grew a few more eyes! He's evolving lol!!! Look at how cute he is!!